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Doortje Moritz und Frank Seidel

Doortje Moritz and Frank Seidel: The complementary colors

For agency owners Doortje Moritz and Frank Seidel it’s all about creating habitats with a
personal touch that suits clients; about astonishing and amazing people with unexpected
concepts and refreshing ensembles. But above of all it is about creating an extraordinary
living space that – despite the lofty aims of high-concept design – is eminently suitable for
everyday use.

"We help your dreams and wishes take shape, starting with the space as such, its layout
and its materials and colors. Then we develop a furnishing concept that lends the room
its functionality and aesthetics. The lighting concept builds on this to provide the ambience
and underscore the intended design. Then we order everything for you and ensure timely
delivery and assembly. Out of dispassionate dimensions arises an emotional dimensionality
in which all the individuality of the residents is reflected."


Doortje Moritz und Frank Seidel


Frank Seidel, Dipl.-Ing. Innenarchitektur

"I like to build breaks into spaces – elements that somehow don’t
belong and interfere in a positive sense. I find perfectly styled
living spaces, where everything is clean and follows strict rules, boring."

Doortje Moritz, Dipl.-Ing. Innenarchitektur

"Traveling is a source of inspiration to me. I attend many
international trade fairs and, as a byproduct, I soak up impressions
of the cities and their people, architecture, styles, museums and shops."